When this guy went to an animal shelter to adopt a dog, he couldn’t believe his eyes

Nobody wants to go through the heartbreak of a pet going missing. It’s a sad feeling, especially after you’ve looked and there’s still no trace of your cherished friend.

While the pain of such an event might be excruciating, the joy of being reunited with your pet can be overpowering. That’s exactly what occurred recently to a Miami man when his two huskies went missing.

Sandy Hernandez has lost both of his huskies.

Huskies enjoy running. Sandy let them go in his yard, believing that his fence would keep them out, but he was mistaken. Both huskies sprang over the fence and bolted. They set off to search without a second thought about getting lost.

If your dog escapes, it does not imply that they do not love you or wish to remain with you. It generally indicates they became interested in following after a scent, didn’t understand how far they had gone, and ended up hopelessly lost.

According to Pet Hub, the following are the reasons why dogs occasionally run away in this manner:

In most circumstances, your dog does not intend to flee the house or leave you. They may even panic if they realize they’ve put themselves in a dangerous position and are unable to locate their owner. It’s frequently a case of innate canine behavior: the desire to explore takes precedence over all other considerations, including obedience training and fear of punishment. ”

Sandy did what any pet owner would do in this situation: he began looking right away, posted fliers, and called animal shelters. He received quite a surprise when he showed up in person at a neighboring animal shelter.

The shelter was being used for a photo shoot by Ocean Drive Magazine.

A magazine photographer was at a neighboring shelter shooting a story about rescue adoptions a few days after Sandy’s pets mysteriously disappeared. They decided to photograph some of the dogs and felt this pair of huskies they had lately discovered would make for some fantastic shots.

Sandy’s car showed up as the photographers were taking pictures of them outside the shelter.

“Those are my puppies!”

Sandy noticed his two dogs modeling as he drove up to the shelter. He was so happy to have discovered them that he didn’t even stop his car, but hopped out, and raced directly over to them.

Sandy was overcome with emotion as he was reunited with his huskies. As the three of them cuddled, he buried his face in their fur. It was a genuinely wonderful moment, captured on film.

Consider Sandy’s relief and excitement. He’d spent days looking for his pets, worrying about them, and maybe even expecting the worst. He was overcome with emotion when he discovered they were OK and would be returning home with him. He certainly cares for them.

Ragnar and Cloud are the names of the two dogs, and they are extremely fortunate to have a human-like Sandy caring for them. He did what any pet owner should do when their pet dies, and as a result, he was reunited with them.

Watch the video below to see Hernandez’s tearful reunion with his huskies!

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When this guy went to an animal shelter to adopt a dog, he couldn’t believe his eyes
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