An Army veteran awaits a reunion with his army dog, and their reaction is priceless

Tina was a military service dog and has been with the US Embassy in Baghdad since 2014. She and her handler, Shenandoah Specialist Mark Kropp, were responsible for keeping bombs and other dangerous objects out of the embassy.

Tina was retired and returned to the United States in 2017. Matt noticed how much he needed her at that moment. When he returned home to meet his family, one of the first thoughts on his mind was to locate Tina. Matthew learned about K9 Hero Haven, a non-profit organization situated in Herndon, Pennsylvania, that adopts and places former military canines.

Since 2015, Anne Gibbs’ dogs have made out to be about 200 working canines. Matthew’s efforts were effective, and a large reunion was planned for the near future. As the camera and flashing lights illuminated the room, Matthew became frightened.

“I hope she remembers me.” “That’s what I’m going for,” Kropp told WNEP.

Tina, on the other hand, recalled him, and how! She rushed up to him and licked his face and rubbed his tummy. Tina has been formally adopted as a family pet by Matthew, and his wife and two kids are ecstatic!

This was the perfect Christmas gift for Matthew, who is going back to Iraq in a few weeks! Tina is doing quite well in her retirement. K9 Hero Haven is thankful to Matthew and his family and wishes them great success in their noble endeavors.

This wonderful reunion in the video below will make you cry. Please be sure you watch all the way through.

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An Army veteran awaits a reunion with his army dog, and their reaction is priceless
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