In Cambodia, 61 dogs were saved while on their way to a sl.a.u.g.h.terhouse

61 dogs were crammed into six tiny cages on their way to a butcher. They were rescued in time and given a second chance at life.

The canines seemed to be starving and jammed in metal cages as they were transported to a butcher in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. If they hadn’t been helped quickly, they would have been hurt by the country’s meat trade.

The canines were rescued by the government-led interdiction, which occurred as the minivan was departing Siam Reap. Following the rescue of the pets, officials detained the driver of the minivan.

The dogs were then freed from their cages and placed in an open area where they could stretch their legs. Four Paws, Paw Petrol Cambodia, and Animal Rescue Cambodia are currently looking after the dogs. These organizations are collaborating to feed and care for the rescued dogs.

The majority of the canines that were rescued exhibited indications of extreme heat exhaustion and dehydration. All of the dogs were fa.m.i.shed, and it looked like they had not eaten in many days. It was still unknown how long they had been in the vehicle.

For the time being, the dogs will be held in off-site facilities until new homes can be found for them.

It is Cambodia’s first government-led interdiction to rescue the dogs. It sends a strong message to t.r.a.f.f.ickers that dog meat will no longer be accepted in Cambodia.

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In Cambodia, 61 dogs were saved while on their way to a sl.a.u.g.h.terhouse
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