One dog had to be e.u.t.h.anized, but her life has been transformed thanks to the kindness of one young lady

Kilo is a dog who has had a rough existence in the past. Before being left in a California animal shelter, he was starved to d.e.a.t.h in a yard where he was being used to mate dog litter with puppies.

Candice Miller, who was volunteering at the time, met him there. She had 3 dogs at the time and had no intention of getting another.

Still, there was something about Kilo that piqued his interest.

She made him work on his confidence in other people, but he still didn’t have the guts to do something to get adoptive parents interested.

As a result, he was placed on the eu.t.h.a.nasia list two months later.

When Miller called the asylum on his last day, they informed her that Kilo had been placed in a detention center and would be transferred to a m.u.r.d.e.r chamber.

She jumped in her car and sped away to save them.

The girl claims that Kilo appeared in her life just when she needed him the most. Luckily, they are now quite happy.

Miller took 3-day-old Penny, who required continual care, soon after his arrival. Kilo and Penny are still close pals. The puppy has grown into a healthy dog who loves his dad. Even though Kilo would always care about Penny, the man kept helping Miller raise about 200 puppies.

His foster kids adore him. They play with him and put his tolerance to the test, which Kilo must preserve with shovels.

Regardless of the fact that he has experienced many of his pups come and go while being employed as a breeding dog, Kilo is a loving, attentive parent.

Despite his rough history, he has now found his happy and treasured life.

After Kilo entered their family seven years ago, Miller relocated to a big region in Oregon to accommodate her expanding dog family.

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