Our hearts are bursting as we watch this dog take care of 2-month-old triplets

Everyone knows that dogs are excellent buddies. We frequently refer to them as our best buddies. This is not by chance. Even so, the reaction of a dog to a new family member is always anticipated. It’s incredible how fast a dog and a toddler can become friends. This Goldendoodle and the tiny triplets demonstrate this in this example.


Lauren Barnes gave birth to these gorgeous triplets. She was overjoyed at the arrival of her children. Her husband and she were unsure how their dog, Sunny, would react. But everything was evident from the minute they met. Sunny is pleased with the new little friends, but she is also cautious.


Sunny had no trouble bringing three newborns into her home. She, on the other hand, was overjoyed. She looked after them all and spent time with them all. This beautiful and cute dog frequently sleeps close to the triplets.

According to their mom, Sunny had clearly bonded with these babies. So she decided to videotape Sunny while caring for the babies at one point. Sunny approaches them and checks to see whether they are all OK. The video is adorable.


It’s no surprise that this video has captured the attention of people all around the internet.

Enjoy the following video: