When reunited with his military dog, a staff sergeant starts crying

Air Force Staff Sgt. Adam Wylie hadn’t seen his army dog, Emra, in 3 years.

Adam spent some of his most challenging days with the Belgian Malinois. Adam’s health started to suffer as a result of his deployment barely 25 days after his child was born.

They collaborated internationally from 2012 to 2014. Emra was constantly at his side, not just to assist him in the military but also to offer emotional support.

Emra’s military career has come to an end now that she is nine years old, and she has finally retired. Adam was fortunate to be able to adopt her!

The video below shows their tearful reunion, with Adam unable to hold back emotions. Emra was overjoyed to see her owner.

Adam is very happy to have Emra back and wants to give her a happy, easy life now that she is out of the military.

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