Someone left his black labrador with a note…

When the Jasmil Kennels workers came for work one morning, they found a senior labrador tied to the gate. The puppy was accompanied by a handwritten message that read:

“After ten years, my owner left me since I had not learned to be decent, so I was returned to where he discovered me.”

Our dogs are our family members. It’s hard to hear of them being left by humans they depended on, loved, and regarded as their forever people.

The canine had not been microchipped, according to the Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service, but they were trying to find its owner.

“We’d want to talk with the owner to find out why the dog was left.” No chip. If you identify him and can help, please contact the council privately or send a note on this website. He will now be placed in our custody.”

Everything was not as it appeared.

A few days later, the Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service sent out a follow-up note.

“After thoroughly investigating the old dog left on Monday, we were able to reach his owner, and things are not as they seem.” Depending on the circumstances and conditions, we are presently taking necessary measures. ”

Other family members were unaware that the dog was being lost.

The circumstances of the dog owner were never completely known, although the agency said that they were in communication with extended family members. They didn’t know the dog was being given up, but they offered to take it in anyway.

“We’ve also reached out to members of the owner’s extended family, who are familiar with and fond of the dog.” They were unaware of the owner’s intentions and have requested to take the dog on so that it may live out its days in a safe, secure environment with people it knows. If house inspections and the dogs’ response to them are favorable, this is the best route for the dogs’ wellbeing. We appreciate everyone’s offers of assistance and a home for this elderly guy. ”

After ten years, it was left.

The cause of the dog’s surrender is unknown to those who follow the narrative. However, it seems that they might have been simply left with other family members rather than being tied to the kennel gate.

“Dismissed, but nonetheless a lovely grin for a stranger.” “Poor little darling,” one individual said on the internet.

The puppy never stopped laughing after being left.

“He seems to be in good condition, and it must have been difficult for him to give up the dog after ten years with him, regardless of his behavior.” Yes, he left him, but there must be a story behind it. “It’s awful, but he’s now at the best place where they can care for him,” another person said.

What to do if you can’t care for your pet any more.

You are responsible for your pet’s health and happiness. However, it is a fantastic duty to have. There are services available to you if you feel you must give up your pet for whatever reason. The Humane Society gives useful advice on what to do if you believe you need to give up your pet due to behavioral concerns, housing challenges, medication expenses, allergies, and other factors.

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Someone left his black labrador with a note…
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