A poor dog was dragging his body and hoping for assistance

Every day, accidents happen. Cars may be fatal to stray animals. When this poor dog was discovered, she was pushing her body along after being struck by a fast automobile that did not stop to aid. She called out again, hoping that someone would come to her aid.

The poor puppy was in severe agony. Fortunately, a dog lover heard about the helpless puppy and contacted a local rescuer. The savior arrived immediately. The dog was in excruciating pain and covered in wounds. It was evident that if they did not act quickly, this dog would perish!

However, none of the pups were located, but it is conceivable that they were taken in by a compassionate individual. The doctor believes the mom dog walked out to hunt for food, which is why she was struck by a vehicle. Nonetheless, they had to concentrate on preserving her life.

Because the dog couldn’t eat on her own, they gave her IV fluids and medicine. They then tried to feed her with a syringe. She didn’t want it at first, but when her caregivers calmed her, she took little nibbles. It was, indeed, a win! A dog that attempts to eat has hope.

After a few days, the dog is able to eat a real meal from a dish. She’s never seen food like this before and has developed a robust appetite as a result. The courageous dog is getting better every day, but he still has a long way to go. Her spine will need surgery. The vet believes that with spinal surgery and physical treatment, she will be able to walk on her own again.

We hope she recovers and has a full life as she deserves. We are extremely thankful that she was discovered in time! Thank you to her wonderful rescuers and medical staff. Can we give her all of our good wishes? She is deserving of them! Her whole rescue is documented here!

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A poor dog was dragging his body and hoping for assistance
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