Man With Cancer Sees His Beloved Horse One Last Time! Watch Their Touching Video

Horses hold a unique place in our hearts. Kevin Adkins, a cowboy from Kansas, had spent nearly two decades with his horse Vic, and the two had formed an unbreakable bond.

Adkins and Vic had a fantastic friendship, sharing both the happy and sad times. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Adkins was still able to spend time with his beloved Vic. His condition, however, put him in the hospital, and he was no longer able to visit his closest friend everyday.

Thankfully, the cowboy’s daughter fulfilled her father’s last request by bringing him to meet Vic one final time in an emotional reunion.

Adkins and Vic, according to Wadley, have been companions for a long time. “It may be pouring rain, snowing, or hotter than hell. “He was usually around,” she explained. Wadley also saw how well Adkins looked after Vic. He always made time for him and made sure that his horse was well-groomed at all times.

Despite his condition, Adkins showed a great deal of concern for Vic. Even though he couldn’t take care of him like he could when he was still a healthy cowboy, he would still keep an eye on him for hours to check whether Vic was okay.

Adkins proved to everyone that nothing could separate him from his favorite horse, not even disease. He spent as much time with Vic as he could and created memories that he would remember till the end of his days.

When Adkins was hospitalized, he didn’t see Vic for several weeks. Adkins, who was exhausted and lonely, realized that he didn’t have much time left.

Adkins had one last request: to be reunited with his favorite horse, Vic. He’d become so devoted to his horse that he couldn’t imagine saying farewell to the world without seeing Vic one final time.

Delaney discussed her father’s last desire with the ranch’s owner in order to fulfill his dream. Adkins saw his horse again in January. He massaged and fed his long-time companion, full of love and respect.

The reunion of Adkins and Vic, according to Wadley, was “heartwarming.” “I believe he was aware,” she stated. What I found most touching was seeing Kevin riding his horse. He was completely devoted to his horse. It was quite touching.”

This heartfelt scene was recorded on camera, demonstrating how much the cowboy and his horse missed one other. They had a couple more memorable moments together before saying their final goodbyes.

Adkins passed away the next day, having fulfilled his last request. It seemed as if he was only waiting to see his horse again so that he could finally depart this world without regrets. Vic served as an honorary pallbearer during Adkins’ funeral on February 15th.

During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin Adkins’ family and friends. Now may he rest in peace.

In the video below, Adkins and Vic share a touching reunion.

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Man With Cancer Sees His Beloved Horse One Last Time! Watch Their Touching Video
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