When the horse arrived to wish the owner goodbye, everyone burst into tears…

Animals should be appreciated and respected. They are indeed our brothers.

Sheila Marsh has worked at the racecourse since 1921. She loved horses, but Bronwen was her favorite pet. She has been nurturing this horse since she was a youngster. They were married for almost 20 years.

However, a 77-year-old woman was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She simply wanted to see her beloved Bronwen before she died.

Shyla was deteriorating by the day. Tina, her daughter, then made a request to the medical personnel at the hospital where her mother was being treated. Doctors were eager to assist in fulfilling their patients’ last requests before dying.

A gurney was used to transport an elderly lady from the hospital. Shyla’s favorite horses, including Bronwen, were waiting for her in the parking lot. When the horse approached the lady, she just shone with joy. With the last of her power, she slowly spoke the name of her beloved pet, and the animal nuzzled her cheek.

“On the final day, Mother had considerable trouble speaking, but she clearly addressed the horse by name and wanted to kiss her,” Tina said.

Bronwen did just that, bending down and kissing Sheila one final time. Tina fell into tears when she saw this.

I sobbed so hard, and all the nurses did, too. It was excellent that she received comfort! He and Bronwen shared a strong bond. She has been caring for the horse since Bronwen was seven years old. This scenario affected all of us deeply. It was a pivotal moment, “Shyla’s daughter said bluntly.”

It’s still amazing how powerful the bonds between animals and people can be. We live for those we care about. Because love has no bounds, animals become members of our family. And Sheila couldn’t go without saying goodbye to the person she cares about.

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When the horse arrived to wish the owner goodbye, everyone burst into tears…
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