A man risks his life by walking along 6th floor ledge to rescue his cat

We know a lot of stories about how animals put their life on line to save their owners. This time the story is a little bit different. Man in Toronto risked his life by stepping along a narrow ledge 6 floors high to help his cat.

‘My cat was going to squeeze back under the window and almost becoming caught, and I was afraid he’s going to harm itself,’ man described the incident. He would have most probably gone down if he had attempted to jump back over. “I needed to make a decision immediately.”

So he decided to take matters into his own hands to rescue his cat. He sprang from his balcony, crossed across the building’s small ledge, and catched the cat.

The event was captured on video and published on Instagram, where it has now gone viral. In the video, a guy from Toronto is seen going down the brink of the building to save his cat.

The individual has requested that his identify be kept anonymous. When questioned if he was concerned for his life as he climbed the building, he responded, “I just wanted to get him back.”

One fan remarked on Instagram, “I’m a cat owner, and I can imagine why the man decides to pick up his cat from the neighbor’s balcony.” He is, in my eyes, a hero!!!”

However, authorities suggest that similar activities be prevented in the future owing to the hazards involved.

Watch an amazing video of the rescue below:

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A man risks his life by walking along 6th floor ledge to rescue his cat
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