Every day, a kind stray dog waits in the same spot for someone to help him

Howl of a Dog and other organizations fight to safeguard mistreated and left dogs. Because they don’t have enough money or other resources, these groups are often limited in how much they can help.

It can be awful to see pets in trouble and not be able to help them.

Howl of a Dog operates in Romania to save stray and shelter canines.

Howl of a Dog is an organization established in Romania. They just uploaded a video to their YouTube account of several volunteers participating in a spay/neuter campaign.

Howl of a Dog will spay or neuter wild canines around the area to help reduce the feral pet population. That’s when some volunteers came upon Remy, a lovely young boy.

Remy slept in front of a supermarket.

Remy was spotted sleeping on the pavement in front of a grocery store by volunteers. Each day, the store’s owners would feed him. While he had a supply of food, Remy was such a loving little boy that he sought human love. He wanted his own family.

Remy is taken by the volunteers.

On any given day, Remy would welcome the volunteers with his tail wagging joyfully. He adored the attention he received from these folks. Remy is such a kind person!

Remy had also been burnt on the nose with an iron, according to the volunteers. Tragically, such heinous behavior is not uncommon in the area. The false idea is that doing so will cure distemper and strengthen the immune system. However, there is no proof that this is the case, and the act is upsetting and unpleasant for the dog.

Remy was a pleasant person who loved others despite being a victim of violence!

Remy is filled with love.

Remy also had a portion of his left ear severed. However, it is unclear how he received this injury.

Something about Remy had a profound effect on the volunteers from Howl of a Dog. Here was this great dog that had been m.i.s.t.r.e.a.ted yet was still so joyful and loving to everyone.

Remy has been brought in.

As part of the program, Remy was spayed. He was also given his own collar with the aim of no longer being seen as a wild dog. Sadly, Remy’s chances of getting adopted were slim.

In Romania, dogs are seen as tools and are respected for their use. They are used to protect cattle and property. Remy, on the other hand, is much too pleasant for that kind of employment. So the Howl of a Dog volunteers agreed to take him in. Then they shared a video of Remy’s tale, and the response was incredible.

Remy now has a permanent home.

Thanks to the efforts of the center, Remy got a permanent home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Remy’s new owners have also given him a new name, Milou. He now has a new sibling called Lupo to play with.

Howl of a Dog posted on Facebook that Remy has been adopted.

“Remy at his permanent residence in Charlotte, North Carolina.” Remy has come a long way, but he is finally home with his beautiful family, who are showering him with all the love he has missed. Remy was also given a lovely new name to commemorate his new and joyful life: Milou. ”

In the video below, you can see Remy’s extraordinary story!

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Every day, a kind stray dog waits in the same spot for someone to help him
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