After hearing her favorite song, the dog sings a sweet duet with the owner

Even though all dogs are amazing, some have a special skill that you don’t commonly witness. One of them is Syd, a female cattle dog. Not only is she stunning, but she’s also a talented vocalist — at least in the canine world.

However, Syd has a significant edge over the other dogs. She is, after all, owned by Chris Petersen, a true cowboy as well as a great country singer. His voice is comparable to some of the biggest artists of the 1990s, including George Strait and Merle Haggard.

Chris and Syd often use back roads since they live in the country. Chris often uses these trips to practice his abilities. So, when he drives and his dog sits in the passenger seat, he screams out one song after another.

Syd is a really fortunate puppy. If she wants to sing, her father is an excellent tutor. But, of all the country music this guy enjoys, his dog appears to have a favorite.

“Take a look at yourself, girl.”
Syd always gets a kick out of Chris Ledoux. The music quickly captures her interest, particularly when her owner is singing it. On one particular day, this man got the opportunity to photograph Syd doing what she does best… singing.

It quickly went viral.

It wasn’t long after releasing the video that Syd’s performance became viral. It has already received around 250,000 views. Along with that, several others commented, “This is very lovely. Thanks for sharing.”

Even more comments

People couldn’t stop themselves after hearing Syd “sing.” Another user commented, “At least she has decent taste in music.” Someone else then commented, “I can’t stop watching this.” “I’m madly in love.”

Since the beginning

This music starts playing at the beginning of the video. Syd initially keeps his gaze fixed on the vista via the windshield. But then she hears the music and her behavior changes.

Following in his footsteps

A few small whimpers may be heard from the pup. However, when Chris continues to sing the lyrics, she chooses to join him. She starts singing the song while throwing her head up in the air, and it’s fantastic.

Genuine love

Chris glances fondly across at Syd as she continues to “sing.” The nicest part is that he sings the lyrics to her and she seems to understand them. “You mean everything to me, and I’d do everything to have you for the rest of my life.”

It just gets better from here.

Chris continues with the lyrics. “I’m an average guy, but when I look at you, lady, I feel like I could accomplish anything.” She manages to raise her head even higher while not missing a beat of the music.

For starters, Chris Ledoux’s song is sincere and charming. For instance, combining a man’s incredible voice with a dog that likes to sing results in a lovely duet. The strange thing is, Syd doesn’t respond this way to other songs, only this one.

If you like dogs, country music, and cute videos, you won’t want to miss this one. It’s fantastic on so many levels.

Simply click on the video below to see for yourself. You will not be let down.

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After hearing her favorite song, the dog sings a sweet duet with the owner
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