The parents of this sad puppy had no choice but to give him to the shelter

Moses the Pit Bull was overjoyed last year when he was eventually adopted into a loving family in California. He was his family’s best “good kid,” and they made an excellent team. But because they didn’t have enough money, the family had to move to a cheaper place that didn’t allow pets.

Image/Story Source Credit: Nancy Klein via Facebook Watch Video

Moses is seen holding his father in the facility’s surrender line in this footage from Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto.The atmosphere here is gloomy. He had just discovered that whenever they patted him, his family felt unusually melancholy. It gradually dawns on him that they are about to leave him.

Moses is perplexed as to why his wonderful voyage with his parents must come to an end. The distraught dog wailed furiously and asked his father to take him back home. His father was also angry, but he caressed his terrified dog and vowed to find him a better home soon. What a sad end these folks have met. Let’s help Moses mend his broken heart and find him a place to live for good.

Image/Story Source Credit: Nancy Klein via Facebook Watch Video

According to the shelter, Moses has found his permanent home after his viral video! Moses’ new family is wealthy and devoted, and he will never have to go through another separation. Moses’ popularity, according to the shelter, is producing ripples and helping with the adoption of other creatures! What a fantastic finish.

You’re going to love the video below, so be sure to watch it till the end! so uplifting!