This poor foal was formerly ill and lonely; now he is adopted and has become a champion

The story of this newborn horse’s rescue will bring everyone to tears. He was nearly when he was discovered. He was named the RSPCA’s rescue horse of the year half a year later!

Six months ago, Gizmo was in bad condition when he was brought into the Catley Cross Veterinarian Clinic in Halstead, England. The Piebald Colt was brought in on a blanket. He could not sit or stand.

He was only 4 months old, and his mom was missing. At that moment, he was suffering from hypothermia, dehydration, and pneumonia.

The little horse was a real fighter and had a dedicated staff taking care of him all day and night. This care was very crucial and important for him, and so he recovered day by day.

Horse enthusiasts from all over the world learned about the baby’s difficulties and donated money to help him recover.

He was getting stronger, more beautiful, and healthier by the week.

If in the past he was left and wasn’t loved by anyone, now he receives a lot of love and attention from the nation, and this helps him to survive!

Gizmo waswas fully adopted by the vet clinic, where he received lots of care and support.

His loving rescuers and devoted admirers “watched him take home the championship trophy, earning him champion of champions of over 60 horses and ponies as he was awarded the RSPCA (England & Wales) Horse Rescue of the Year 2015.”

Judges, onlookers, and rescuers were all in tears of joy as Gizmo captured everyone’s attention. He’s doing a lap of honor after winning.

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This poor foal was formerly ill and lonely; now he is adopted and has become a champion
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