A lost baby moose discovers a soldier in the woods and requests assistance

One soldier was called upon to assist a furry fellow citizen in the middle of a true life-or-de.a.t.h situation during military drills in Estonia’s woodlands.

Erich Jyri Prikko is an Estonian defense force soldier who was lately deployed with a unit at the beaches of Lake Vrtsjärv. Last week, Prikko planned to trek into the woods in quest of an “alternative restroom,” as he called it. But then he was struck by a new kind of call from nature.

Prikko told The Dodo, “I heard some weird sounds that reminded me of a cat or a young baby.” “I spotted some type of adorable animal approaching me.” He resembled a dog at first, but I soon understood he was a young baby moose trying to tell me something.”

The moose calf was by himself. Not wishing to add to the animal’s anguish, Prikko sat down in the hopes that the young moose would return to his mom, wherever she may be. Instead, this occurred.

“He approached me carefully,” Prikko recalled. At first, he was pretty timid, but he eventually determined that I appeared to be safe and got quite close to me.

Prikko was surprised, but the moose baby went one step farther.

“He even looked under my armpit,” Prikko said. “He could have assumed I had mammary glands.”

The soldier seemed to have immediately become the newborn moose’s mom.

Of course, Prikko couldn’t fulfill the request, but the hungry calf appeared to be soothed just by his gentle presence. Prikko then decided to assist in another manner.

“I phoned our veterinarian office and informed them of what had occurred,” Prikko added. “I wanted to do something more for the tiny calf.”

Prikko was instructed to return the calf to where he was discovered and to keep an eye on things. Because of Prikko’s complaint, a veterinarian was sent to the site with a gallon of milk to feed the young moose in case his mom did not return.

It was tough to leave the calf alone, but the decision paid off.

Prikko and his team tried not to disrupt the surroundings in case the calf’s mom was scared away. After hearing a moose cry in the middle of the night, Prikko awakened to discover the infant had vanished.

“We discovered quite fresh huge moose tracks, indicating that the young calf had been saved by his mother,” Prikko said.

Everything seemed to be in order.

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A lost baby moose discovers a soldier in the woods and requests assistance
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