A helpless dog became trapped inside a burning car and was unable to flee

There are people who will risk their lives without hesitation to save their pets. A great example is Deputy Michael Gregorek, who gave up everything to save a puppy.

While he was still inside with his dog, Hank, a man’s car caught fire. When Gregorek realized that he would be responding to a vehicle fire, he had no clue what to expect. When he discovered Hank was trapped in the smoke-filled car, he leapt into action. Gregorek was a proud dog parent who understood the significance of saving the dog’s life.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado reacted to news of a car fire in a community. When the police came, they had a lot of questions, such as where the car was parked and how the fire began.

They saw the automobile was smoking and parked on the street. Deputies suspect the fire was caused by a guy who was throwing something out the rear window. When Gregorek got close to the car, though, the owner told him that he was stuck inside with his dog.

Gregorek damaged multiple windows while hunting for the dog since the car looked to be locked. Hank stepped out of the vehicle when the rear window was shattered, and his human rushed up to him. The guy tried unsuccessfully to pull the large dog out of the vehicle on his own.

Hank comes to the rear window, he’s drooling, and you know he’s in trouble,” Gregorek said. “[The] owner was unsuccessfully attempting to get him out.”

When the owner moved away from the car, Gregorek stepped in. He got inside and took the dog from the car. As Gregorek dragged the dog up, he breathed smoke.

“My mindset at the time was, ‘he’s coming out with me despite what else is going on,'” Gregorek said.

Gregorek took Hank away from the car and dumped him in the snow. Gregorek coughed as he stepped away from the dog. The whole rescue was filmed on bodycam video, which was terrifying to see.

Thankfully, one of the neighbors was a vet, and he was able to promptly check on Hank. Despite this, he seemed to be in excellent health. Even though the source of the fire in the automobile remains unclear, everyone is pleased that the dog is safe and sound.

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A helpless dog became trapped inside a burning car and was unable to flee
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