A sad dog visits the beach every day and stares at the ocean for hours, and you’ll not believe why

Even after their owners have passed away, dogs remain loving and devoted to them. When their loved ones go, dogs appear to understand and may even mourn for them in their own ways; some pets will even visit their graves.

Like a dog who is so sad about his dead owner that he is keeping a vigil on the beach for him.

Jolie Meja was visiting the coastal town of Punta Negra, Peru, when she observed an odd sight: a dog sitting alone on the beach, looking out into the ocean.

He didn’t seem to be left. “He had a collar around his neck and pristine fur,” Jolie told The Dodo. “I patted him while waiting for his owner, but no one appeared.”

Jolie claims she watched after the dog, caressing him, but all he wanted to do was watch the surf. Jolie and her family nearly took him home after believing he had been left on the seashore.

However, shortly after, a guy arrived and revealed that the dog was at the beach every day for a terrible reason.

“His owner was a fisherman who died quite a while ago,” Jolie said on Twitter. “He’s been staring at the water every day since then.”

Vaguito, the dog, seemed to realize that his master sailed out to sea one day and never returned. Perhaps he realizes his owner has gone and is keeping watch for him, or perhaps he thinks his master will return one day.

“Every time he sees a boat, he gets delighted,” Jolie wrote.

She told The Dodo that the dog’s tale had “really affected” her. While Vaguito’s tale is heartbreaking, she was relieved to realize that he was not alone: “Practically everyone in the region knows the dog and is quite fond of him,” she discovered.

Vaguito is cared for by the people in the little hamlet, who provide him with food and shelter. A veterinarian claimed he is being cared for by a lady nearby.

While nothing can replace Vaguito’s former owner, whom the dog obviously adored, he is still lavished with affection.

It’s quite amazing to witness how devoted dogs are to their people, even after they’ve passed away.

It’s heartbreaking to watch how much Vaguito misses his owner, but we’re delighted he’s still being cared for – and his tale is a touching reminder of a dog’s devotion.

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A sad dog visits the beach every day and stares at the ocean for hours, and you’ll not believe why
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