A sweet reaction from a blind dog when she realizes she’s headed to the dog park will warm your heart

The weather is becoming colder this time of year, and people need some light to brighten their days and thaw their hearts. Let us introduce you to Kida, the blind puppy whose tale became a social media sensation and captured the hearts of millions of people.

Kida is a sweet, joyful puppy that lives in Houston with her owner, Alison. Despite having her eyes removed owing to a rare autoimmune condition, the dog proved to be a vibrant and lovely girl. She barks at just about everything, spends all day in the garden, and enjoys going to the dog park.

Kida is currently enjoying her dream life. She has lived with her buddy since Alison acquired her from her former owners when she was 5 months old. The dog was left when she attempted to devour the chicks on a farm where she was meant to protect them.

Alison also mentioned Kida’s interests: “We have to remain outside the dog park for her security because of how other dogs respond to her at times.” But she has four closest friends who come around on a regular basis for playdates. She knows the layout of the yard and can run and play with them just like any other sighted dog. ”

The owner went on to say that she liked taking photographs and videos of Kida every day since it gave her so much joy and pleasure. She decided to shoot a Tiktok clip, capturing her dog’s charming responses after taking Kida to her beloved dog park to find the truth. Kida sticks her head out the window and wiggles her tail in delight in the brief video. The movie barely lasts 15 seconds to capture this one moment, but it brilliantly captures Kida’s pleasure when she realized she was heading to the dog park. On Tiktok, the video has received millions of likes and hundreds of comments.

We adore Kida, an enthusiastic dog who, despite her disabilities, enjoys going to the dog park. Despite the fact that she had to endure so much suffering before the procedure, she felt considerably better after having her eyes removed. She may now run about, play, and enjoy every beautiful day with her loving owner. Her tale demonstrates that animals with limitations may nevertheless have extraordinary lives!

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A sweet reaction from a blind dog when she realizes she’s headed to the dog park will warm your heart
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