The vlogger was recording a video when an eagle flew into his car! His reaction is the best

Renate Balbuena, 33, of Charleston, SC, was driving in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines, when he encountered a frightening and strange situation.When a big Philippine Serpent Eagle burst through the passenger side window of Balbuena’s automobile, he was talking into a camera he’d placed up on the dashboard.

The ambitious vlogger was working on his debut YouTube video. It’s hard to say who was more taken aback: Balbuena or the bird.

“I was stunned for a few seconds, but I knew it couldn’t damage me,” the young man later said. “I was simply trying to figure out why a bird would fly into my vehicle!”

The eagle’s left wing was bleeding and had a few major feathers gone. It is uncertain if the bird was harmed during or before its crash landing on the automobile. “I’m not an animal expert,” Balbuena said, “but it seemed like something must have bitten it.”

“I shut the window to save him from further injuring himself and grabbed a towel  to wrap him up.” I strapped it to my legs and went home to contact my vet cousin. My cousin gave it some medication as I cleaned the wound and attempted to feed it.”

That’s correct. Balbuena not only put the bird in a safe place to heal, but he also spent the next four days of his vacation hand-feeding and caring for it until it was healthy again!

The bird at first refused to eat, but Balbuena gathered an array of meat, fish, and fruits. It finally started eating, which was a good indication.

“I was overjoyed and happy to see him eating,” Balbuena added. “I adore animals of all kinds—cats, dogs, hens, you name it!” My mother often despises me because I adopt all types of animals.

When it was time to put the bird back where it came from, Balbuena’s girlfriend helped him take a picture of the scene.

“When I threw him, I told him, ‘You’re cured now, soar high and liberate my buddy.'” You were sent by God, and you may be my genie in a bottle.” Please assist me in being successful! ” “After he went, I had chills.”

Balbuena has had a hard few years, with the loss of his dad and baby sister in 2019 and a traumatic migration to the United States. He feels the eagle is a sign that things will improve for him.

“I work seven days a week to support my family back home,” Balbuena said. I am a guy who has had many falls, yet I am still standing tall. I believe that good actions mixed with positive ideas always lead to success.”

You can aid this kind animal lover by subscribing to his YouTube channel, LittleBandido.

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The vlogger was recording a video when an eagle flew into his car! His reaction is the best
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