Unfairly treated chained dog, unable to lie down, only wants one thing

The Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) got a complaint about a “small, left puppy” chilling next to a garbage dump in a snowy area. Terri Looby rushed to the scene, but there was no sign of the “little dog.” Instead, she saw a huge but skinny Pit Bull-Labrador mix huddled up on a broken chair with a sad and defeated look on his face.

Terri learned that the puppy, Ollie-Loo, had been left with another tiny dog when his owners had left their leased property. While returning to rescue their tiny puppy, the family gently threw Ollie-Loo out with their undesirable stuff and went without him. Despite the treachery, the famished dog had been lurking outside his former house for two weeks, yearning for his “loving” owners to come for him.

Terri found another awful fact as she reached out to the shivering Ollie-Loo. The dog was hobbling in discomfort from a fractured femur that had gone unnoticed for some time. His owners evidently did not want to be associated with a sick dog.

Terri drove Ollie-Loo to the shelter, and he continued wagging his tail the whole time. The vet discovered that this beautiful 1-year-old boy was very weakened and would not have withstood the cold for much longer. Ollie-Loo had to have surgery right away because his femur was broken, and he was then moved right away to a loving foster family.

Ollie-foster Loo’s parents worked tirelessly over the following several weeks to restore his health and spirits. It was just a matter of time until this adorable pup recovered completely and got his permanent home! He’s now a spoiled little darling who adores his new family!

Click the video below to see Ollie-heartbreaking Loo’s situation after his own parents left him like garbage.

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Unfairly treated chained dog, unable to lie down, only wants one thing
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