A petrol station dog falls in love with her rescuer and “asks” her to adopt her

For a dog who had to live on the streets, life is exceedingly difficult. These defenseless creatures, without food or a roof over their heads, are eagerly attempting to find refuge wherever they can. This small dog was living beside a petrol station, asking for scratches and hoping that one day someone would take her in. A genuine one! Fortunately, her tale has a happy ending!

Images and videos of a friendly dog in Ukraine waving her tail and smiling at everyone at a gas station were posted online. This caught the attention of some very good people whose goal is to save as many needy animals as possible.

After seeing the recordings, the group’s creator—an angel who describes herself as a real “dog lover, willing to do everything to aid an animal in need”—hopped in her car and drove directly there to save the puppy!

When she arrived, she heard from the gas station employees that the dog is a stray who spends her time roaming the parking lot. So it was obvious to the rescuer that this helpless puppy needed it. She gladly greeted the woman as soon as she approached the dog. It was love at first sight for both of them.

The dog was taken to the vet after being rescued since she didn’t appear to be in good health. It wasn’t anything major, however, and after a quick trip to the groomer, the dog they named Linda entered a house for the first time in her life, where she was appropriately fed.

Linda, who is thought to be approximately two years old, rapidly acclimated to her new lifestyle and seemed to be happier than ever. She will stay with her rescuer until the nice woman finds Linda some loving parents who want to take her in.

More on this touching tale in the video below!

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A petrol station dog falls in love with her rescuer and “asks” her to adopt her
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