An old, sick dog was left on the street, but there was a reason behind it

Officer Boone of Richmond Pet Care and Control responded to a phone complaint about a dog that had been chained to a post and also left.

When the officer arrived, he located a very elderly Schnauzer-Poodle mix chained to a pole on a warm Virginia corner of the street with nothing to eat or drink.

As he got more detailed, he saw a letter written on a little piece of cardboard that was attached to his chain.

“My name is Oreo,” the message said. I’m over a decade old. I’m stressed out. My owner has died. I’m very excellent. “I need a residence.”

The ancient canine could scarcely see or hear, and he was terrified and overwhelmed.

He was soon sent to RACC’s aftercare medical checkup. Oreo was initially scared, but as they began to hold him more tightly, he began to relax and feel more at ease.

Luckily, despite losing his vision and hearing, he remained in excellent health. It was now time to find a home for this elderly dog to spend his golden years. That didn’t take long, thankfully!

A lady in Fredericksburg believed there was something special about Oreo and wanted to offer her home to him.

Oreo now has 5 acres to play on and a new doggie brother to play with. His golden years will be the finest of his life!

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An old, sick dog was left on the street, but there was a reason behind it
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