A brave dog saved the life of a newborn girl who had stopped breathing

A little brave dog saved his sister’s life. The mother described how the quick-thinking dog came into the bedroom, alerting her to the fact that her daughter had stopped breathing. The mother and her husband ran to the hospital, arriving just in time to save the baby’s life!

In a series of now-viral tweets, Kelly Andrew, a Boston-based journalist, detailed how the family’s dog, Henry, rescued her daughter. The mother revealed that her kid was unwell, and she originally thought it was only a cold, but things turned out to be much worse. But, thankfully, Henry was there to save the day!

“He was headbutting the door open, coming into her room, and standing there,” the lady said to Good Morning America. Every time I pushed him out, he came back in. She couldn’t obtain any air, much less any oxygen. ”

The worried dog continued entering the nursery room when the infant was in there, but Kelly took him out every time he was waking up the baby. But she had no notion that the perceptive dog sensed something was amiss with his small human sibling. So he continued storming into the room, butting the door with his head, until the mother noticed her daughter wasn’t breathing anymore.

“The dog kept breaking into the crib and waking the baby last night.” The mother posted on Twitter: “She’s been unwell, and I was sick of him.” “Until her breathing ceased. We stayed at the hospital all night. I’m not sure what would have occurred if he hadn’t jolted her awake. “Dogs do not belong to us.”

Fortunately, the parents arrived at the hospital just in time, and after a few hours, they returned home with their newborn daughter completely healed.

“Thank you everybody for your kind wishes,” Kelly added. “The baby is doing much better today, and we’re back home with Henry, who heroically held down the fort all night despite being terrified of the dark.”

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A brave dog saved the life of a newborn girl who had stopped breathing
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