The blind husky has the best reaction, every time she senses snow

Mackenzie, a Husky, came to her permanent home when she was 10-weeks-old. Her sight wasn’t great at the moment, but she seemed to be in good condition. Nonetheless, as she got older, she acquired glaucoma in one eye, then the other. Despite Mandy Leung’s best attempts, her puppy’s eyes deteriorated. Leung finally decided that the best thing for Mackenzie would be to have her eyes removed.

It seemed to be a difficult shift, but Mackenzie rapidly adapted to her new existence. At first glance, you’d never guess she’s blind, particularly given her wonderful response to snow.

Mackenzie adapted swiftly to life without sight since she lost her sight at an early age. Instead, she navigates using her nose, and her blindness does not hinder her at all. She enjoys human attention, playing with other dogs, and, most importantly, running about in the snow.

“I like bringing Mackenzie to new locations to discover.” There are new dog parks and hiking pathways. I want to introduce her to as many different things as possible so she can experience what regular dogs do. “You can smell all the various smells and just absorb it all, even if you can’t see the gorgeous surroundings,” Leung remarked.

Mackenzie enjoys her outdoor experiences, but everything is better when there is snow. Leung said that snow is one of Mackenzie’s favorite things in the world. While she is usually peaceful and comfortable on the inside, she gets a surge of enthusiasm when she sees snow outdoors.

In one viral video on Mackenzie’s Instagram page, Leung filmed the Husky getting unduly thrilled over a new snowfall. The puppy runs outdoors and down the porch steps, then starts racing in circles around the snow-covered yard. Mackenzie would spend the whole day out there if she could.

Mackenzie sometimes spends many hours at a time playing in the snow, and she is sad when her mother forces her to come inside. Fortunately, her big winter coat keeps her warm while she is out in the cold. Mackenzie is happier now than she has ever been since losing her sight. Many people are inspired by her path.

“Learning to adjust at such an early age has given her a lot of confidence,” Leung said on Instagram. “She gets about really well in unfamiliar locations and can play fetch just like any other dog!”I sometimes forget she’s blind because she stares straight into my eyes when she looks at me.”

Mackenzie’s littermate, Zorro, is the person she has most influenced. She catches up with him for playdates on occasion, and he just had his eyes removed for identical reasons. So, following his operation, Mackenzie didn’t hesitate to stay by his side and teach him a few things. They still go on playdates as if nothing has changed.

It’s tempting to feel sorry for special needs dogs, yet they’re usually just as happy and content as any other dog. They, like all dogs, have peculiarities, habits, and favourite activities. And, of course, no matter what life throws at her, Mackenzie’s favorite thing will always be running about in the snow.

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The blind husky has the best reaction, every time she senses snow
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