The kind pet owner constructed an elevator for his senior cat

When Liam Thompson, a prominent YouTuber from Auckland, New Zealand, developed a personalized cat stair elevator to help his elderly cat walk up and down the stairs with ease, he came up with a brilliant idea for all pet lovers.

In a YouTube video, Thompson showed how he constructed the cat stair elevator for his 20-year-old feline Frodo. He reports that Frodo has a morning ritual of climbing the steep outside stairs to his favorite poolside spot.

After about 10 minutes of sunshine, the fluffy kitten would climb back up the stairs and spend the remainder of the day inside the home. As Frodo grows older, going up and down the stairs each day has now become a hard process.

To make it much easier for Frodo to reach his favorite lounging spot, Thompson built a cat stair elevator. The DIY expert explained the full process, which requires careful planning, constructing, testing, and upgrading. Thompson’s amazing innovation is made up of two main parts: a track and a cart. Thompson created the track in his shop by cutting little pieces of wood. He attached the pieces of wood to a set of sliding door rails to make the rail.

He made the cart’s base out of plywood scraps. After putting the track and cart onto the left side of the staircase, he connected the cart to an electrical lift that could lower or raise the platform at the touch of a button. During the early testing, Thompson replaced Frodo with a soft toy.

After a successful process, Thompson steadily improved the customised cat stair elevator before Frodo could use it. He secured Frodo’s safety by finishing the sides of the cart. The apparatus must, of course, reflect Frodo’s royal aspect. Thompson finished the project by cutting, polishing, and painting it to make it look its best.

Thompson successfully completed the project in four days. Frodo must eventually put it to the test when the big moment approaches. So, how was the senior cat’s journey? Even though he doesn’t seem excited about it, it’s clear that the custom stair lift has made his life much easier.

To see how it works, watch the video below:

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The kind pet owner constructed an elevator for his senior cat
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