The golden retriever attempts to rouse the unbothered cat from his bed. You’ll giggle at the kittens’ reaction

Everyone who has a small cat and a large dog, will most likely purchase a small bed for your cat and a large bed for your dog. Doesn’t that make sense?

Except you could discover your cat splayed on your dog’s bed, occupying all the room for themselves.

But who is at fault? According to Figo Pet Insurance, they both are.
“We accept that cats can be jerks at times, and dogs can be huge babies at other times.” Cats want to be cozy, usually in a box or tiny place. “At times, they seem to want to demonstrate to the dogs of the home who is really the head of the gang,” according to their website. “The dogs are either too kind, afraid of conflict, or too exhausted to fight.” Most likely all three. ”

When this happens, dogs often seek out their people to help them resolve the conflict. In the video below, the Golden Retriever walks into the living room, ready to sleep in his enormous, soft, fluffy bed.

He immediately sensed something was wrong and dashed over to the bed, only to discover the cat glomming it.

The cat then stares up at him as if to say, “Scram dog!”

This dog is definitely nervous and begins moving about the bed’s border. His displeasure could be detected in his constant puffing.

This wonderful puppy continues to pant and surround the bed, as if the cat would just give up. He then barks at her, but this small kitten is too comfortable to move.

But don’t worry, this dog isn’t going to give up either. He continues to bark and nuzzles the enormous bed.

He turns to his human, who is photographing the event, as though he is pleading for assistance. When he isn’t provided one, he chooses to become more violent with the cat.

As a result, he rounds the opposite side of the bed, barking at the cat. He then nuzzles his head under it, hoping to move the cat away without incurring the wrath of a claw to the skull.

He then takes a risk and turns half the bed over.

Even so, the cat appears unfazed. He then nudges the whole bed, attempting to flip it over and get the cat out. But it doesn’t work so well, and the small cat in the center of the bed merely meows.

It’s evident that this dog must resort to more drastic means, and he starts to pull the bed away with his tongue.

His attempts seem useless, and he appears to be preparing to give up.

So he merely lies down next to the bed and pants for a bit to relax and devise a new strategy. “Perhaps the cat will share?” he muses.

As a result, he nudges himself into the bed.

And the cat is perfectly content. But he isn’t, and he wants to reclaim his bed. He barks at her and attempts to knock her off, but all he gets from the cat is a hiss. He eventually finds himself halfway on the bed. Then on the bed’s side.

The cat then finds the finest bed of all: the dog! The dog appears unconcerned with the kitten resting on him, and the two snuggle together, relieved to have found a solution to their dilemma. They look very cute together.

Check out the video below to see the amusing battle!

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The golden retriever attempts to rouse the unbothered cat from his bed. You’ll giggle at the kittens’ reaction
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