German Shepherd mother develops a smart game to calm her hyperactive puppies

German Shepherds are particularly popular among dog enthusiasts due to their intellect and vibrant energy. This breed’s puppies, on the other hand, are known to be hyperactive and exceedingly lively, with some calling them “rowdy.” These cuties are constantly on the move and don’t mind a little roughhousing!

In the video below, a mom dog tries to educate her developing puppies. The puppies have a large territory at their disposal, and they run about excitedly without concern for their safety.

That’s when the mother dog devises a plan to keep her pups under control. The mother dog collects all of her pups and urges them to play chase with her. Soon, we observe the small puppies ecstatically following their mom across the field. Unfortunately, the mom dog walks so slowly that the pups have to work harder to stay up!

The puppy game of hide-and-seek not only fatigued the puppies, but it also taught them how to play in a herd. The tired pups eventually followed their mom home to rest since they were scarcely able to play mischievously. This mom dog is an excellent parent!

You’ll adore them in the video below. Enjoy! Make sure to watch all the way to the finish!