For two years, Edna’s owners assumed she was

Animal control was attempting to apprehend a dog that was loose on a gated property up in the hills. It was a marvel she was still alive since she was so e.m.a.ciated. When Animal Control failed, Hope For Paws stepped in, and they did a good thing.

The poor dog had lost so much fur that her bones could be seen through her skin. Her physical appearance was sad. The dog was terrified of people, but she couldn’t get enough of the cheeseburgers that rescuers kindly gave her. The poor baby was literally starving.

While rescuers continued to feed her, one crept behind her to prepare the snare. It would be a terrifying few seconds, but they had no choice but to catch this unhappy dog.

She required medical treatment as well as a permanent residence. Dogs have no place on the streets or in the mountains! She deserved to be loved!

Finally, the thin puppy was trapped and carefully put into the car. She was terrified, but she behaved well. Rescuers named her Edna.

When they returned to the hospital, they tested her for a microchip and she had one! Her previous owner had moved her to a new house years before. Those proprietors informed her that Edna had per.ished!

Despite the wonderful news of Edna’s survival, her previous owner was not interested in reclaiming her. Perhaps it was a godsend because… drum roll please.

Edna was put in a loving foster home, and it was there that she met her permanent family! A loving mother and a human sister who loves her!

Edna will never again be hungry or lonely!

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For two years, Edna’s owners assumed she was
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