Woman couldn’t locate her dog and soon she realized that he had been stolen from their yard

This story is about a girl who adores his pit bull very much. She says that when they travel, they want to bring as many family members as possible, including their dogs. It would be good to take a break and relax. Pets would enjoy it as well.

But a trip would be far from peaceful if anything went wrong. It might be anything that happens to you or your family.

Sonora Breault and her family took a much-needed trip to Los Angeles, but their trip turned into a disaster when her dog, Oreo, was stolen.

Oreo has gone missing!

Sonora and the other Breault family members went on a holiday trip that turned out to be their worst nightmare. They took an 8-month-old English bulldog named Oreo with them. He had a good time jogging down the beach one day.

But all that changed when Sonora went to see her pal on 83rd and Figueroa Streets. Sonora stated she watched her friend carry Oreo to the vehicle, but when she returned to Sonora and inquired, “Where’s Oreo?” she discovered her dog was gone.

Oreo’s present

You can only understand Sonora’s fear at the moment, but we guess she felt much worse after realizing how much he mattered to her.

Oreo was her late boyfriend’s present to her, and she thought of him as her “missing piece.” Her partner was d.i.e.d in a vehicle accident months after delivering him to her. She saw Oreo as her only remaining link to her deceased boyfriend.

Oreo’s distinct characteristics and particular requirements

Oro will be easy to recognize, according to Sonora, since he has distinctive patches and traits. His nose has pink patches, and he has two “cherry eyes.”

Sonora and her family were more worried about Oreo’s medical requirements. He has respiratory issues and several dietary sensitivities. She was worried that whoever bought him might not feed him correctly, which could cause him to d.i.e soon.

“All I want is for him to return.”

Sonora and her father searched for him but were unsuccessful. They decided to place posters for their lost dog and to stay at home while they waited for news.

“I feel terrible leaving, but I can’t remain here and get miserable, and no one is assisting me,” she told CBS News. “All I’m praying for is for someone to step up and do the right thing.”

The family had no intention of pursuing legal action against whomever had stolen him. They could only hope that he would be found and returned safely.

They even offered a $500 prize to anybody who might assist them in recovering Oreo. If you see a dog that looks like Oreo or have any info on his location, please call Sonora Breault at (530) 340-3625.

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Woman couldn’t locate her dog and soon she realized that he had been stolen from their yard
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