Doctors say that a dog won’t be able to walk after a stroke, but she decides to try

Faith had always been the family’s favorite, and the owners couldn’t get enough of her. This lively, nimble, and elegant dog enjoyed playing and running. Faith, however, experienced a tragic catastrophe a little more than a year ago: she suffered a serious stroke. The hemorrhage was so serious that it affected many areas of the brain.

Doctors evaluated the dog and came to the unfortunate conclusion that the creature would never be able to walk. Furthermore, since it is difficult to lift its head, the easiest technique to put it to sleep.

Hannah Lee, a 30-year-old American living in Atlanta, listened to the prediction with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that her beloved puppy would never run, leap, or even take a single step.

“We had no clue what was going on when Faith suddenly collapsed in our garden!” recalls the girl. “The vet described everything, and it sounded awful.” We were informed that she had suffered a stroke and that her outlook was bleak.

Despite the medics’ advice, Hannah and her family opted not to leave the pet and, more importantly, not to euthanize her. They asked for help with their patience and asked the doctors to do everything they could to save the puppy.

Faith took her first steps 3 weeks after suffering from a stroke. They were shaky, and the dog swayed, but she was still going! She gradually became healthier and stronger, and she was eventually able to walk normally.

It’s worth mentioning that the treatment’s success wasn’t only down to the physicians; Hannah and her family also had an active part in rescuing the dog. They massaged her, exercised her limbs, and lived on a schedule so that someone could remain at home and care for the four-legged patient.

As a result of their perseverance, faith was eventually regained. It’s hard to imagine, but the puppy was already sprinting around the yard and keeping up with his brother Aberdeen, the other canine who lives in the home, a year later.

The owners claim that the dog is not as swift as she once was, but she is still the same “girl” she was! Faith’s personality hasn’t altered, and she’s still upbeat and enthusiastic!

Hannah is sure that the dog has aided Aberdeen, who has not taken a foot away from his sister. And, of course, the girl encourages all owners not to worry, but rather to hope for the best!

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Doctors say that a dog won’t be able to walk after a stroke, but she decides to try
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