Everyone was scared when a wild tiger leaped out of the car and began walking down the streets

Even in a zoo, seeing a fully developed tiger on the prowl might be scary.

People in Ivanovo, in northern Russia, were shocked to see a tiger walking down the street after it had jumped out of its owner’s car.

The tiger is seen partly out of the vehicle window before jumping backwards into the road and backing away from its owner.

In Ivanovo, Russia, a tiger is seen sticking its head out of a car window. It then jumps backwards into the road and runs away from its owner.

Locals say the tiger is used to promote a traveling circus. At the beginning of the video, he puts his whole body on the edge of the glass as he tries to get out of the car.

The tiger’s owner maintains a firm grasp on the tiger’s lead, but is soon overcome by the animal’s power, and the tiger leaps into the road, its lead trailing behind.

The owner had attempted to keep the lead in his hands, but the tiger might have torn it away. The tiger then flees as he advances towards it to take the lead.

It then flees from its owner, who goes towards it as he seeks to reclaim the lead.

Some people suspect the whole affair was a publicity stunt for the town’s visiting circus.