A big tiger rushes through the streets of Los Angeles and comes too near to a boy! Click here to find out what happens next

On an ordinary hot day in L.A., people were enjoying their time when suddenly, danger came. Someone notices a frighteningly enormous beast coming from a distance.

Everyone was filled¬†with excitement and anxiety as this ‘beast’ approached the gathering. Nobody knows what this creature is or what it will do. People exclaim as the beast approaches, realizing it is a gigantic saber-toothed tiger!

But, wait a minute, aren’t saber-toothed tigers extinct? So, how did this saber-tooth come to be? And who are these folks keeping things under control? The mystery has now been revealed: it’s a saber-toothed robot!

In one of the greatest museum show promos we’ve ever seen, LA Brea Tar Pits & Museum introduced its animatronic saber-tooth tiger for the public to visit and take photographs with. The cat interacted with the audience and was a hit with the youngsters, who couldn’t get enough of the enormous, cuddly fur-ball! But it is so realistic that you can’t stand too close to it.