Little Yorkie’s barking saved the life of another dog

It’s awful to see that people leave their pets.

Pets do not deserve such bad treatment, whether it’s in a deep and tiny alley or on the streets. When this family and their Yorkie spotted one, they rushed in and assisted.

Angie and Brian were traveling down a country road when they saw a puppy in the median.

Remmington, nicknamed Remi, their small Yorkie, screamed out to the dog. He was weeping and realized the dog needed assistance. All the automobiles driving by startled and puzzled the poor puppy.

Brian exited the vehicle and went to the median. He attempted to rescue the dog, but it was afraid of him. He tossed goodies to the dog one at a time, and the dog came running.

Another motorist pulled over to assist them, but unfortunately, the dog was even more terrified than when the second automobile came. That was good because the dog went away from the new person and closer to Brian.

They eventually convinced the dog to board the vehicle. The pair was astounded by how kind this massive dog was and how well Remi behaved during the voyage.

Remi has never been comfy among other dogs.

He would frequently snarl or growl at them, never staying still or silent. But this time, he sat peacefully alongside Angie, staring at the large dog they called Bubbles.

When they arrived at their family ranch, they provided him with a bath, and he was able to get some much-needed rest. But how did Remi respond to everything?

Remi demonstrated to Bubbles who is the “man” in the home!

He worked nicely with Bubbles, but he gave this large guy a snarl to demonstrate his superiority. Angie was taken aback by how this large dog bent down to the little Yorkie. Since then, the two have gotten along so well and are aware of their own limits.

Bubbles, the larger dog, was always kind while playing with Remi, but the small Yorkie had to double his energy to keep up. “It was as though he was a puppy again,” Angie remarked.

However, Angie and Brian were still concerned by something.

They were aware that Bubbles may be someone else’s dog. They wanted to take him back home if that was the case. They understood, as dog owners, that losing him would be painful for his fur parents.

They advertised Bubbles in twenty different organizations, but no one stepped up or called them to claim him. Bubbles had clearly been left, so it made complete sense for the couple to keep him in their house.

Bubbles had been at ease ever since they had rescued him.

He liked to cuddle with Brian or Angie and play with Remi. He was left in the middle of a road, but he quickly found his way home.

“I feel that he contributed to the completion of our family.” He has brought so much joy into our lives. “We feel fortunate to have found and be able to provide a loving home for bubbles,” Brian and Angie told The Dodo.

We’re overjoyed that Bubbles has found such a lovely home. Below is a video of his rescue!

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Little Yorkie’s barking saved the life of another dog
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