Loyal husky refused to leave his friend’s side after he was struck by a car

Animal creatures, like humans, have emotions. They may feel both happiness and sadness. They communicate their feelings in a variety of ways.

This is the story of a husky whose partner was k.i.l.led in a car accident.

Because the situation was so poignant, the dog refused to move from his friend’s side. This heartbreaking incident took place in China.

The dog made sounds as if he was trying to wake up the de.a.d dog. It took over two hours to convince the dog to join his owner.

The dog had no intention of leaving his pal. The dog wished to reunite with his companion. The authorities interrogated the woman who claimed to be the dog’s owner. After some hours, the authorities permitted the woman to retrieve the husky and the corpse of their comrade.

This clearly demonstrates that animals, like humans, have feelings. They feel sorry for their favorite and closest friends. They are devoted and loyal pals.