Police officer did something amazing for this pregnant dog

A Police Officer Rescues A Pregnant Mastiff And Goes Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty.

When doing his duties, Cleveland Police Officer John Lyons sometimes brings his work home with him, and when he does, he saves lives.

The officer lives and works in Cleveland’s Fourth District to help keep the neighborhoods safe, and that includes rescuing stray animals he finds discarded and starving in the streets.

He often comes across ne.gle.cted and sick dogs on the job and brings them back to the kennel until his shift is over. He then brings them home and goes to work to find the dogs a loving home.

While out on patrol one evening in 2013, he spotted a very sickly mastiff mix. Not only was she in rough shape, she was pregnant.

He knew she required help immediately, so he caught her and took her to the Westpark Vet Clinic for an examination

The dog was given the name Clarice, and he brought her home with him so that he could care for her up to the birth of her puppies. In his garage, he created a special, comfy spot for her.

When the time came, John was there to help Clarice deliver her puppies.

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Police officer did something amazing for this pregnant dog
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