The owner took the dog to the clinic with the intention of putting her down because she was “naughty”

Dogs seldom at.t.ack their owners, but Berta was an exception; her owner has been b.i.t.ten by her more than once. The guy waited a long time, but his tolerance was limited. Berta was at the clinic, waiting to be euthanized.

Berta, is a dog that is adamantly opposed to any interaction with individuals who have taken alcohol.

Her owner enjoyed taking a taste and then engaging in “training.” Because Bertha bit when she was treated like this, her owner thought it was impossible to raise an animal.

Bertha was taken to the clinic to be put down because the owner determined that she could not be changed.

The vet phoned and informed us about a young buck that needed our assistance. Except for occasional ag.g.r.ession, the doctor found no signs. The veterinarian advised that the dog be re-educated and gave us a few hours to consider it.

Most dog bites happen because the dog hasn’t been trained well, so we decided to try to fix this and give Berta another chance.

Berta had previously lived on the streets, so the battle for life and food was far more familiar to her than the care of others.