This dog’s owner left him because of his “ugly appearance”

It goes without saying that dogs are man’s best companions. People adore dogs because of their devotion and capacity to calm us down in the worst of situations just by hugging and caressing them. There are several breeds of dogs, each with its own distinct personality. But it’s not their appearances that make us fall in love with them and want to be with them forever. Sure, we all believe our dogs are the prettiest things in the world, but their personalities and affection for us have a lot to do with it.

Sadly, there are individuals in the world who are absolutely selfish and would ignore a puppy just because it isn’t perfectly adorable. That’s exactly what happened to Beaux Tox. He is the sweetest dog, constantly wagging his tail and smiling broadly. However, Beaux has a facial abnormality that distinguishes him from other canines.

There are superficial individuals in the world who would not adopt this little child because of his features, but Jamie Hulit fell in love with him the moment she saw his face. “A friend of mine posted a photo of Beaux on Facebook and said he needed a foster family or an adoption opportunity—anything,” Hulit says. “I sent him a message that day saying, ‘I want to foster this puppy and give him a home.'”

Who could blame him for enjoying every moment of his life?

Beaux had a hard life. He had to deal with the fact that he was somewhat constricted in his mother’s womb early in his existence. He had a “collapsed skull” and slanted eyes because of the restricted area to grow while his mom still had six other pups in her pregnancy. “He was just knocked out of the way and developed,” Hulit said, “but it didn’t make him less intelligent.” An MRI examination revealed that Beaux would have had no issues mentally or with daily activities. He was born with the capacity to live a completely healthy life, which he does!

This babe has written all over his adorable face that he only has love to offer.

Because of his facial abnormality, the breeders found it hard to sell him to a possible owner. “The breeders couldn’t sell him because of his malformation in his face,” Hulit said. “So they gave him away for free.” Beaux was adopted by a guy from Austin, who called him Lucky. But, after a time, the man’s cats came to dislike the mild Beaux. When the owner understood this, he sent Beaux to the backyard, where he spent the next five years entirely alone and outside. He was mi.s.t.r.eated, hungry, and lacked even a kennel to sleep in.

Local shelters attempted all they could to give Beaux the life he deserved, but it was futile. Hulit finally went to his house and discovered the poor dog was extremely starved and infested with fleas. Nothing mattered anymore, not Beaux’s looks or his health concerns. Hulit just wanted to get this puppy out of this bad situation and into a home where it would be properly appreciated.

This is how Beaux seemed to Hulit when he first met him. What kind of person would do this to their own dog?

“I didn’t care how terrible his disease was at the moment,” Hulit stated. “I didn’t want him to be returned to care and sent away.” Hulit was a victim of the care industry from an early age, always being relocated from one family to another with no genuine place to call home. Look at Beaux’s beautiful face!

“I wished him to have stability and a location where he recognized it was his home,” Hulit stated. As a result, I adopted him straight from his owner. Beaux Tox had already traveled a lot, and I just wanted him to be a dog. When Hulit brought Beaux to the vet, he was informed of how bad the condition was and that his prospects of life were minimal. He had heartworm, a parasite that may entirely damage a dog’s organs. Dr. Jay Rydberg determined that Beaux had a 50% chance of survival. Hulit, on the other hand, never gave up hope. She even vowed to herself that she would not give up until Beaux was healed.

Beaux had to deal with health challenges for a time, but his mother never left his side or gave up on him.

Many problems arose when Beaux was hooked up to an oxygen machine in the early phases of his treatment and therapy. Beaux always had Hulit and Dr. Rydberg at his side, helping him when he needed it most. Beaux refused to give up and fought on.

Beaux has finally recovered most of his weight after months of struggling and defeating his many ailments! He has certain long-term concerns, such as hearing loss in his left ear and eyesight impairment, but he is otherwise a very healthy dog. His life is now full of health and pleasure.

Beaux seemed to be overjoyed with all life had to give. Especially when it comes to one of his adoring siblings.

We and also Huilt are amazed at how far Beaux has come.

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