You’ll need tissues after reading the horrific story of this skeleton elephant

Tikiri, who passed away last year, had a tragic backstory.

Tikiri, a 70-year-old female elephant, passed away last year. Her loss brought an end to a sad existence she had lived for many years.

Tikiri was a Sri Lankan female elephant. According to legend, she was one of Sri Lanka’s oldest Asian elephants.
She made headlines last year owing to her skeletal figure. Animal lovers all across the world were both saddened and enraged when they watched her in that state. The awful state of the Jumbo drew widespread condemnation. Her situation was believed to be the fault of the government.

Lek Chailert, the founder of Save The Elephant, shared photographs of the e.m.a.c.i.a.t.ed and weakened elephant. Conservationists were outraged by the images, which raised questions about the elephant’s ma.l.n.o.u.r.i.shment.

Despite her terrible health, the elephant was forced to participate in the Perahera celebration, which lasted ten days. Every year, throughout the months of July and August, this event takes place in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The elephants must go for many kilometers and are adorned in bright clothing for this celebration.

There were even photos of the unfortunate elephant participating in the Perahera festival, her frail body hidden under a bright costume. As a result, the audience was unaware of Tikiri’s frailty and weakness at the moment. It wasn’t until photos of Tikiri’s frail body appeared on the internet that everyone grew worried about the elephant.

The elephant’s mi.s.t.r.e.a.t.ment had a storm of protest, and despite her state, she was photographed attending the event. Despite the fact that Tikiri was taken out of the event and given medical treatment because of the response, her health didn’t change at all.

Several stories claim that the Jumbo elephant was m.i.s.t.r.e.a.ted and terribly m.a.l.n.o.u.r.ished, but a spokeswoman for the Buddhist monastery claims that the elephant was suffering from a stomach illness that kept it from gaining weight.

Whatever the situation may be, the reality is that the animal was mis.t.r.e.ated. It is not just one elephant’s story; there are many elephants who are ex.p.l.oited by the tourism business. As a result, tourists play a significant role in this situation; tourists might decline to ride the animals. They should be aware of the animal’s distress. Every life is valuable and should be respected.

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You’ll need tissues after reading the horrific story of this skeleton elephant
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