This video of a toddler and his neighbor’s dog playing fetch over a fence went viral on Twitter

To suggest that this relationship between a little child and a dog is wonderful seems trite, but this youngster and his canine companion are the cutest pair I’ve ever seen. Even though he’s just two years old, this infant boy and his neighbor’s dog already have the tightest attachment, and nothing seems to be able to separate them. There isn’t even a fence!

Conway, a cute 2-year-old child from Savage, Minnesota, has been in love with the neighbor’s dog, Dozer, from the first time he encountered him. The dog seemed to have felt the same way, as the two literally could not wait to spend time together. However, they recently demonstrated to the world that they do not even need to be in the same spot to have fun!

Conway and Dozer are seen playing fetch over a fence in the nicest manner conceivable. Despite the fact that the wooden fence is rather tall, these two pals continue to play. While Dozer is barely visible through the fence, he makes an attempt to return the ball to his small pal, who excitedly rushes towards it and tosses it back.

Conway’s father, Chad Nelson, first published the cute video on Twitter. He had no idea it would get so much attention. However, the scene has received over 15 million views on Twitter alone. Nelson, the photographer, stated in the caption, “A fence can’t keep my two-year-old from playing with his new best buddy.”

“Truly, we simply think it’s amazing that others are finding delight in watching our son doing regular child activities,” Nelson said after the video went viral. “I simply thought our family and friends would think it was sweet, but when KARE reposted it, it sort of began the trend.”

People on Twitter fell in love with the charming sight right away, and many of them decided to express their feelings in words. One user remarked, “This is the most amazing thing in the world,” Another was astonished by the toddler’s precision with the baseball. “It’s the cutest thing ever!” “Your kid is a better thrower than most adults,” he wrote!

You can see the adorable moment here:

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This video of a toddler and his neighbor’s dog playing fetch over a fence went viral on Twitter
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