Vultures circle a m.i.streated puppy, waiting for her to d.i.e

Animals are said to be incredibly smart creatures. They can detect our fear, delight, and despair. This seems to be particularly true for dogs. Other creatures, even those of different species, communicate with one another. They have fundamental impulses that humans suppress. We may assume our dog is unhappy, but his canine buddies, or even cats or birds, seem to know otherwise.

They adjust to our body language as if they can sense the seriousness of our physical condition. When we are sick, they are at our side, wishing us a swift recovery. It’s much more terrifying when humans stare at an animal in distress and show no emotion. Or when they refuse to take care of anything that relies on them to live. A really terrible tale of Lilo, a young pit bull dog. She’d made a lot of friends in the garden where she’d been exiled. However, they were not the kind of friends you want.

They were vultures who utilized their animal instincts to befriend the dogs for the worst motives conceivable. On Christmas Day 2014, Lilo, an eight-month-old girl, was shown a fri.ghtening sight. She was tied to a tree in the garden, with just a little box to keep her warm. But it wasn’t the only thing. Vultures were circling Lilo. This continued for five days with no one assisting or caring for her. They were only waiting for the appropriate opportunity to consume her, which would shatter the hearts of any dog lover.

But someone looked after Lilo, and she was rescued on the fifth day by the Merit Pit Bull Foundation. She was fostered before finding the loving home she deserved with Keana Lynch and her friend Travis Henley. Lilo was hungry, underweight, and had skin disease, but with love and careful care, she grew into a happy and healthy puppy.

She was at home and with owners who treated her like any lovely and beloved dog should be handled. Despite receiving little human care for the first 8 months of her life, Lilo rapidly became a wonderful pet. Her new family even said that she had no idea what to do in the home or what toys to play with. However, she is a highly intelligent puppy who immediately started playing with her toys like any other dog would.

Her sole recollection of her previous existence is that she actually hates being alone. Fortunately, she now has a canine companion to keep her company while her folks are abroad. She is also a Merit Pit Bull Foundation ambassador, working with hundreds of students to educate them that being a responsible pet owner is feasible and that a rescued puppy has a happy ending. A nice conclusion for a really content dog!

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Vultures circle a m.i.streated puppy, waiting for her to d.i.e
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