When a UPS driver hears a loud thud, he finds a loose dog with a note tied around his neck

Every day, UPS workers deliver millions of goods and often encounter dogs that are pleased to see them. A UPS delivery guy and a Golden Retriever shared an unusual bond. Every day, a Golden Retriever seemed to wait for the guy as he loaded his UPS truck with the day’s mail.

At first glance, the driver assumed the dog belonged to a local or was lost. Every time he went on his usual stroll, the same adorable dog arrived in the same spot. Because the dog came on a daily basis, the guy decided to stock up on dog goodies for the canine guest. The dog enjoyed the tasty treats, and the UPS guy made sure to offer a belly massage or an ear scratch with the box.

Despite their strange bond, the driver once failed to deliver his beloved Golden Retriever snacks. On that particular day, the determined dog resolved to take things into his own hands and do what was necessary. While its owner was walking home, this clever pup got inside the UPS truck to deliver goods.

He was ready to conclude his shift when he heard a loud bang from the area surrounding his vehicle and sensed something was wrong. He had no clue his Golden Retriever companion had crept into the rear of the vehicle! He discovered the puppy at the end of the day while unloading the vehicle. Despite his surprise, the driver chose to return him to the area where he first saw the pug. The dog had to go a few steps back to get back to the home where he had first met the driver.

Everything became evident the next day, when a picture of the Golden Retriever went viral. Because the UPS guy n.e.g.lected to toss me a cookie, I sneaked inside his truck and rode around the neighborhood, “while his owner attached a letter around his neck.” He was required to return me to my home.

The UPS driver and the dog’s owner had a good chuckle over it. The Golden Retriever’s regular wait for the UPS truck was recounted to him as part of his daily routine from the window. We feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about how a dog and a delivery guy became buddies.

To learn more about this story, watch the video below.

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When a UPS driver hears a loud thud, he finds a loose dog with a note tied around his neck
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