When a woman discovered a husky, she assumed he was another victim of ab.u.se, but his microchip scan “freaked her out”

When shelter employees saw a gorgeous purebred husky called Nate wandering the streets like a stray, it was an unexpected sight. Nate, on the other hand, was quickly identified as being distinct from other homeless canines. His empty and haunted eyes spoke plainly of a traumatic past, and he was exceedingly timid and shut himself off.

Nate’s actions made sense once the employees scanned him for a microchip. The poor doggie was registered with a laboratory and had been exposed to months of rigorous testing procedures.

Worse, the irresponsible laboratory left him on the streets without hesitation because they didn’t want to cope with his “psychologically disturbed” condition. The sanctuary got in touch with people who worked for the Beagle Freedom Project and had worked with animals who had been used in experiments.

They found a foster parent who was willing to accept Nate with all of his scars. She devised an intensive recovery program and worked with him for months to help him overcome his trauma. Nate is shown smiling brightly at the conclusion of his movie, as he is finally ready for his permanent home.

He may now seem to be a “regular dog,” but his foster mom says he will always be a special fighter for her. Thousands of animals suffer and die in laboratories each year as a result of human avarice. It’s past time for us to stand up for lab test victims and speak out against the horrific treatment of these creatures.