Dog performs the sweetest “happy dance” when finally being adopted after four years(Video)

Fostering a pet is offering them a second chance at happiness.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says that about 6.3 million pets are taken to animal shelters across the country every year.

Despite excellent adoption rates, some of these dogs are returned to the shelter.

Pets are returned to the shelters due to problematic behaviour such as ag.g.r.e.ssion. Others, however, said that the attitude of these creatures would always be dependent on the person who cared for them.

It breaks our hearts to think that these animals may come and go from the shelter more than once.

All they want and require is someone to look after them and shower them with affection. They desire it. And the minute they are adopted, they hope that maybe this one will work out.

Dreadlock is one of those canines that has spent a long time in a shelter.

He was ten years old and had spent the previous four years at the Soi Dog Foundation. This non-profit organization assists stray dogs and cats by transporting them to their shelter and providing spay and neuter procedures in order to reduce the number of homeless and left dogs.

He was in bad condition when he was brought to the shelter. Dreadlock was suffering from skin issues, and his coat was matted and dirty. Because he seemed to have dreadlocks, they named him that.

Getting all of their animals adopted might be difficult at times.

This is why any adoption news is exciting for Soi Dog Foundation and the animals they care for.

That day’s excellent news was for Dreadlock.

According to the charity, he was a peaceful and gentle dog. He didn’t get enthusiastic easily and would appreciate some peaceful’me’ time with a human, such as walks and hugs.

So they were astonished by his response when they gave him the news.

They approached the sweet puppy and informed him that he was soon to be adopted. Dreadlock couldn’t stop himself from jumping and even performing his joyful dance.

You can sense his joy in him. It seemed as though he had hoped for something for a long time and had finally received it. Dreadlock relocated to the United Kingdom for good.

Inside the shelter, many canines, like Dreadlock, are becoming older.

We should adopt them and offer them a sense of a good life. We applaud the families that are giving elderly dogs and cats a wonderful life before they depart this world.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a pet, go to your local shelter.

You never know what type of joy you’ll provide a pet, such as Dreadlock in this lovely video.

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Dog performs the sweetest “happy dance” when finally being adopted after four years(Video)
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