Man saw a dog that was motionless in the middle of the road and approached to check on her

As a vehicle approached, there was a stray dog lying motionless in the middle of a roadway. As they stepped out to check on her, they slapped the brakes and murmured, “I pray to God she’s not d.e.a.d.”

The stray dog remained motionless until she felt a touch on her paw. She wasn’t really d.e.a.d, but she was close to it.

They’d never seen a dog that was nothing more than a shell of itself. They rushed her to the veterinarian for an examination and treatment, when they learned she was blind and deaf. Despite the fact that the dog did not respond to anything, Scarlett Adler chose to foster her and give her a second chance at life!

Sophie would start to unwind in her new surroundings. She just grew better and better with tons of nutritious food, attention, and love! As she played and mingled with the other dogs, her character shone through. A part of her vision miraculously recovered!

Sophie is like a completely new dog, and we wish her happy and healthy life!