When a dog paws and barks at dirt, the owner realizes he has found someone there

When a 15-year-old girl from a rural hamlet in Thailand discovered she was pregnant, she had no resources or advice. She gave birth alone, fearing consequences, and buried her child alive in the soil. The infant survived thanks to a dog that refused to give up.

Ping Pong was out walking with his owner when he suddenly ran for a patch of dirt. He started digging madly. His owner was worried since this was not his usual behavior. When the owner arrived, he discovered a little infant’s leg peeking out from underneath. In an ideal world, this news would not have reached our desks. Of course, the world, like ourselves, is imperfect.

The dad dug the infant out and hurried him to the medical centre with Ping Pong by his side. Surprisingly, the infant was unharmed, not even a scratch. Police interviewed the girl, who revealed through tears that she was frightened her parents would punish her. She was detained and charged with attempted m.ur.d.er. Her panic overwhelmed her reasonable thinking, yet the baby lived due to Ping Pong.

What’s more amazing is that the hero dog only has three functional legs! The proprietor of Ping Pong told the Daily Mail:

When he was younger, he was struck by a vehicle, and his rear leg was damaged. He can’t use it, yet he still assists me herding cows. Everyone in the hamlet is in awe of what he has accomplished. He is a hero since he rescued the baby. ”

While this is a tragic incident, we can appreciate that a life was saved because of a clever dog and a committed owner. The infant is still doing nicely. Thank you very much, Ping!

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When a dog paws and barks at dirt, the owner realizes he has found someone there
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