Family awoke in the middle of the night when they heard a loud noise. They couldn’t believe their eyes as they got outdoors

This Doberman di.e.d while protecting his family from poisonous cobras. He was buried in Sebekapur, which was the right place.

The dog had only been with his new owners for a few months.

The family awoke one night to loud barking and awful groans. The Doberman’s owners ran out into the yard right away. When they got there, they saw their dog fighting with several cobras.

The dog fought the snakes ferociously, keeping them from entering the home. The adversaries were destroyed. However, the poison took effect after a few seconds, and the courageous Doberman collapsed on the ground. Nothing else could possibly rescue the dog. He spent his last moments among those he loved and protected.

I’m shocked! He gave up his life for us. Raita Dibakar, the Doberman’s owner, adds, “He will always be in our memories.”

The whole hamlet turned out for the hero’s burial. Everyone had to applaud such unwavering dedication.