Cute Video of a Baby Elephant Trying to Escape a Muddy water as He Tumbles into It and his Friends Help him Climb out With their Trunks


This is the sweet moment a baby elephant slips and slides while attempting to lift himself out of a mud bath before collapsing back in.

Cute footage shows the elephant standing on his hind legs as he attempts to keep up with larger elephants up the slope.

As the larger animal crawled onto dry land, he splashed his feet into the sea and made his way towards the muddy shore.
As he prepared to climb up, he stood on his hind legs and raised his front feet to grab the bank’s top.

The elephant, however, was unable to reach high enough when he pushed his left hind leg upwards, and after wobbling for a second, he fell back into the water.

After their little brother ended up back in the water, two of the elder elephants returned to help him.

As he tried a second time, the baby was supported by his two siblings, who carried their trunks up to the bank.

Finally, dragged up to the beach and rushed to the nearby dry grass, still held by the trunks of the larger elephants.

Watch their cute video below!

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