A man thought he was on his way to save a puppy when he was “at.tac.ked”

A tourist observed a little dog left on the side of the road on the city’s outskirts. The puppy was depressed from waiting in the desolate woods, so the tourist contacted a nearby dog shelter for assistance.

Milan, a rescuer from “Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac,” came out to save the little puppy, not knowing what was in store for him.

Milan drove for about 6 kilometers on back roads to find the dog. He immediately discovered the dog, who was sheltering under a shattered stone pillar. But when Milan got close to the dog, the dog was scared and ran into the woods.

Milan crept closer to the shrubs, hissing to entice the dog out. The unwary guy was surprised as an army of pups ran out of the bushes and pounced on him!

They assaulted him with all their cuteness and started frolicking about aimlessly, yet it was an “a.t.t.ack” like no other!

It was not difficult to predict that the five pups were around two months old when they were cr.u.e.lly taken from their mother and placed in the perilous woods. The little siblings were naive, tail-wagging spirits, playing together, completely unaware of the hardships of existence.

Milan set out some food to attract all of the pups—four females and one male—to one location. The famished children gratefully chomped down the food and slurped up the drink. They snuggled up in Milan’s arms as he carried them to his vehicle.

The pups have been named Lora, Mona, Nana, Luna, and Bruno and are currently secure at the shelter. They will be given the greatest possible care and medical attention until they are ready to go to their everlasting homes.

We hope and pray that the mother of these pups is safe and healthy, either with her owner or somewhere else. Best wishes, darling angels!

Watch how the rowdy orphans litter “at.t.a.cked” Milan with their cuteness in the video below!

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A man thought he was on his way to save a puppy when he was “at.tac.ked”
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