Soldier is eagerly waiting to meet his service dog again, and their reunion is truly emotional(Video)

This is the dramatic moment an ex-soldier meets up with the dog he served with throughout his military service. A flight crew assisted with the reunion, which was recorded on video.

Taylor, a highly trained canine, has been sent multiple times to Afghanistan. On her tours, she was always joined by her handler, Sgt. Tom Hanson. As a consequence, they have developed a deep bond. The military dog had always shown devotion and protection to the Sgt. and his fellow troops. That’s why Hanson wanted to pay it forward when it was his time!

Taylor, like every other retired military dog, had to be placed for adoption when she was no longer needed to perform her responsibilities. Taylor couldn’t have found a better home since her prior handler and her new family were so close. The best part is that it was all made possible by Molli Oliver, a selfless lady. Molli, a flight attendant, reunited ex-army dog handlers with their pups. This is what the word “hobby” alludes to.

Consider that Molli not only arranges for the dogs’ flights to and from their locations, but she also financially supports their journeys.That is the essence of friendliness and keen attention! Because of her generosity, Sgt. Hanson was able to adopt Taylor, his loyal companion. They were all reunited in a wonderful reunion.